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Only a limited number of casks will be made available each year. If you are an individual, club, society, or group of friends that enjoy great whisky, the Urban Distilleries Cask Offer will let you create your own, utterly unique dram, keeping you involved from cask selection to bottling.

In typical Scotch fashion, we are currently offering first fill ex-bourbon barrels.

Payment will come in two simple stages. Initially you pay for the cask, the spirit and five years of insurance and warehouse rental. When you decide your cask has reached maturity you will pay for Excise Duty, provincial and sales taxes. We will bottle your whisky at a time of your choosing, with a label that we approve.

There are a wide range of benefits for members of this exclusive club including one complimentary Urban Distilleries Cask Owner Exclusive Single Cask 750ml to get you drinking while you are waiting, your own Urban Distilleries Cask Owner jacket and much more.

Sample the future

Not only are we offering wonderful spirit, oak and benefits, we can help you choose your cask by inviting you to The Urban Distilleries Sample Room for a tasting session.

Visit your cask

Cask Owners are welcome, indeed encouraged, to visit their cask as it matures. Our Master Distiller will draw samples on your cask once a year for your friends and family to taste how it’s progressing.

Having seen your cask in location now retire to The Urban Distilleries Sample Room to appraise your cask’s progress. Any unconsumed samples will be supplied with your cased goods after maturation.

So you’ve chosen your cask, helped with the fermentation and distillation, visited it, watched it mature, sampled it, waited, visited again, sampled again; now, and only now are you ready to bottle. All that remains is for you to enjoy your very own, utterly unique Urban Distilleries Canadian Single Malt Whisky.

Brand your cask

For an extra charge, we can laser etch your company, family or group name laser into the end of the barrel which will showcase your brand to the public for the 3 years in our distillery onsite store. Artwork can be submitted via email for approval to be used on the barrel.

For more information, please download the offer below.



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