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A proud member of the BC Craft Distilling Association

Whether you are a connoisseur of craft distilled spirits seeking to further your knowledge or an entrepreneur wishing to start and operate your own Craft Distillery in Canada or the USA, Urban Distilleries and the Canadian Craft Distilling Institute will teach you the art, science and business of Craft Distilling. Our workshops are comprised of a unique blend of classroom time and hands-on distilling time.

Urban Distilleries operates an award-winning craft distillery in Kelowna, B.C., Canada comprising one 600 litre Arnold Holstein still with full rectification capabilities as well as a 300 litre pot still. Urban Distilleries uses primarily B.C. grain and fruit ingredients to produce vodka, flavoured vodkas, gin, eau de vie and whiskies.

Participants in our 5 day workshops will be exposed to every facet of true artisan craft distillery operations. You will be treated to a hands-on experience that will leave you with an in-depth knowledge of craft spirits distillation. Our workshops will help you thoroughly explore and evaluate the critical points of craft distilling - raw materials sourcing, equipment sourcing, business planning, production methods of various spirits, marketing, sales, Federal & Provincial taxes and distribution.

Our workshops provide more in-depth information, more take-home learning materials and more hands- on distillery time than any other Canadian or USA- based workshop/course.

Our Workshops are a serious learning opportunity for people seriously interested in furthering their knowledge of distilled spirits or for people serious about launching a craft distillery. Our Workshops are NOT about learning how to retro-fit hot water tanks into stills. Our Workshops are NOT just focused on Corn Whisky and Moonshine. You are paying good money for this unique opportunity. Why not treat yourself to a first class learning opportunity?

Gin is experiencing a new-found appreciation amongst connoisseurs of spirits.

Why limit your classroom and hands-on learning to just 5 days?

Stay with us for 1 more day and take part in one of our Gin Master Classes which is part of our 6 day workshop.

    Our 5 Day Workshop Includes

  • Class instruction will be done by certified class room instructors with backgrounds in the distilling industry.
  • Hands-on instruction will be done by Mike Urban, Owner & Master Distiller of Urban Distilleries.
  • This workshop is guaranteed to be the most in-depth, hands-on course offered anywhere in Canada or USA.
  • We do not bring in people from other distilleries to teach you about distilling. You get our full and un-divided attention each and every day.
  • We do not tour you around to other distilleries. Urban Distilleries is a full scale, working distillery with commercial sized equipment. All hands-on activity in the workshop is done on commercial 300 liter and 600 liter stills, NOT on home-made moonshine stills.
  • To maximize the learning opportunity for participants, we limit enrollment to only 12 people per workshop
  • During the hands on part, you will have a chance to mash in with grain, distill whisky, vodka and gin plus fill a whisky barrel
  • Introduction to Distilling (including, history, Canadian regulations, prohibition and today’s environment)
  • Fermentation (grain, malt,tuber, fruit, molasses, honey, yeast nutrition and oxygen supply, etc.) with business plan consideration
  • Distillation fundamentals (vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, brandy, liqueurs, etc.) with business plan consideration
  • Gauging of spirits (analysis techniques)
  • Packaging (bottles, closures, etc.)
  • Labeling (target market consideration)
  • Business of distilling (business plan, financing, sales and marketing, etc.)
  • Distillery marketing in Canada (social media, on-line tools, marketing plan)
  • Licensing and compliance (presentations by Canada Revenue Agency - Canada Excise Duty and BC Liquor Control Commission if they are available for the class date, otherwise covered by the instructor)
  • Use of distilling equipment and supplies
  • Classroom and take-home materials
  • Distillation Process (floor layouts, equipment, how to choose equipment based on target market)
  • List of resources and vendors
  • Networking opportunities
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Social events
  • Lodging discount
  • Discounts on future events and consulting
  • Access to our Linkedin Group where past students are exchange information and ask questions
  • Certificate of Completion

Master Distiller Workshop

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