• Master Class Series

Urban Distilleries bring you a one day specialized workshops in making gin and corn whiskey.

Gin Master Class

Gin is experiencing a new-found appreciation amongst connoisseurs of spirits.

Why limit your classroom and hands-on learning to just 5 days?

Stay with us for 1 more day and take part in one of our Gin Master Classes.

Each Master class takes you on a brief historical journey through the evolution of this fascinating spirit. From early Dutch distillers to King William of Orange to the present day Gin revival, this spirit has had a lively time of it.

The botanicals used in the production of Gin read like a who's who of the botanical world. You will meet these various botanicals up front and personal as you savor their aromas in specially prepared infusions ranging from Grains of Paradise to Citrus to Lavender to Angelica Root.

Next, starting with a small sample of Juniper-infused alcohol and an eyedropper, you will enjoy an opportunity to blend these various botanical infusions to create your own small sample of Gin that appeals to your personal palate. You will experience first hand how a mere few drops of a certain botanical can radically
transform the flavor profile of your Gin. Such is the elegance and artistry of Gin.

With your own personal sample of Gin created, you will next embark on a tasting experience of several Gins currently being produced by various craft distillers in Canada. Various Gin cocktail recipes will be then explored, many of which were popular in late 19th century Britain.

Your Master Class experience will culminate as you work with fellow class members to put your new-found knowledge to work by creating 2 different Gin recipes. The class will prepare and measure the recipe ingredients and then distill each recipe on a small copper Al'embic still.

After distillation you will use your knowledge gained in the 5 Day Workshop to proof your newly made Gin creations using the Canadian Excise Tables or the TTB Gauging Tables. After proofing, you will prepare small bottles of your creations and take them home with you to appreciate and enjoy.

Many of the botanicals used in crafting Gin are also used in making aperitiffs that belong to the Amaro class of spirits. Many of these same botanicals are even used to craft the always-curious Absinthe. Each Gin Master Class will also include a brief examination and tasting of several Amaro type products as well as a couple Absinthe products.

Pot Still whiskey Master Class

Immerse yourself deep into the world of pot still whisky making at Urban Distilleries when you enrol in a one-day Pot Still Whisky Master Class. Each Master Class will introduce you to Corn, Rye, Wheat and Barley - the grains traditionally used to make the Whiskies and Bourbons you so enjoy.

You will grind some of these various grains and then learn the art of mashing as you use enzymes to convert the grain starches into ferment-able sugars. You will learn about the science of fermentation and then add yeast to your mash to initiate the fermentation process.

Then using an already fermented mash that your instructor has previously prepared, you will become closely acquainted with how to use a 20 Liter hand-made Portuguese copper pot still. As the still heats, you will see, smell and taste the distillate as it drips from the condenser.

After the distillation run, you will then learn how to proof your newly made whisky down to a strength that you deem suitable for sipping.

Whether you are a Scotch fan, an Irish Whisky lover or a Bourbon aficionado, this Pot Still Whisky Master Class will be sure to elevate your appreciation for how pot distilled Whisky is made. Who knows - you may even decide to purchase a copper pot still and put your new-found knowledge to work making pot distilled whisky at home for your own personal enjoyment.

Master Class Series

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