• Master Distiller Workshop (American Version)

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Craft distilled spirits in America are a growing phenomenon with over 700 small distilleries dotting the landscape. Whether you are a connoisseur of craft distilled spirits seeking to further your knowledge or an entrepreneur wishing to start and operate your own Craft Distillery in America, Urban Distilleries and the Canadian Craft Distilling Institute will teach you the art, science and business of Craft Distilling in this specially designed 5-day Workshop created uniquely for the American marketplace.

True enough - you may have noticed a handful of advertised Distillery Workshops in America. But, here at the Canadian Craft Distilling Institute this workshop offers something you will not get at an American based Workshop. That something is our unique blend of hands-on distillery time coupled with classroom time. At this Workshop you will enjoy the opportunity to grind grain, load a mash tank, pump fermented mash into the 150 gallon Arnold Holstein still and then help to run the still under the guidance of the Master Distiller.

As a participant in this unique 5 day workshop you will be exposed to every facet of true artisan craft distillery operations. This workshop will help you thoroughly explore and evaluate the critical points of craft distilling - raw materials sourcing, equipment sourcing, business planning, production methods of various spirits, marketing, sales/distribution, TTB proofing procedures, Excise taxes, label approval procedures and more.  

This Workshops will provide you with more in-depth information, more take-home learning materials and more hands-on distillery time than any other American-based Workshop.

    Our 5 Day Workshop Includes

•Class instruction will be done by certified class room instructors with backgrounds in the distilling industry.
•Hands-on instruction will be done by Mike Urban, Owner & Master Distiller of Urban Distilleries.
•This workshop is guaranteed to be the most in-depth, hands-on course offered anywhere in America.
•We do not bring in people from other distilleries to teach you about distilling. You get our full and un-divided attention each and every day.
•We do not bring in people from outside agencies to talk at you about marketing, social media or business planning. You get our full and un-divided attention each and every day.
•We do not tour you around to other distilleries. Urban Distilleries is a full scale, working distillery with commercial sized equipment. All hands-on activity in the workshop is done on commercial 75 gallon and 150 gallon stills, NOT on home-made moonshine stills.
•To maximize the learning opportunity for participants, we limit enrollment to only 12 people per workshop
•The hands-on part of the Workshop will offer you a chance to grind grain, prepare a mash, distill whisky and gin plus prep and fill a whisky barrel.

The Classroom part of the Workshop will include:
•Introduction to Distilling (including the history of alcohol, American spirits definitions)
•Numerous tastings to exemplify the Spirits definitions
•The Science of Fermentation (grain, malt, tubers, fruit, molasses, honey, yeast nutrition, enzymes etc.) all with business plan considerations.
•Distillation fundamentals (vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, brandy, liqueurs, etc.) with business plan consideration
•Distillery Setup Advice (floor layouts, equipment, how to choose equipment based on target market)
•Gauging of spirits (TTB analysis techniques)
•Packaging (bottles, closures, label approvals etc.)
•Marketing to your target market (social media, customer psychological models)
•Business of distilling (business plan creation, financial projections)
•State rules and regulations will be covered for your State
•Classroom and take-home materials
•List of resources and vendors
Considerable Floor Time in the Distillery
•Networking opportunities 
•Question and Answer sessions
•Lodging discount
•Discounts on future events and consulting
•Access to our Linkedin Group where past students can exchange information and ask questions
•Certificate of Completion
•Discounts on the future purchases from Hillbilly Stills (Barlow, Kentucky)

Master Distiller Workshop (American Version)

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