About Us

Spirit Bear and Urban spirits are produced in Kelowna at BC's first and oldest legal craft artisan distillery. It’s made in small batches in an old fashioned stills by Mike Urban, a 40-something Electronics Engineer. The signature product of Urban Distilleries is the Spirit Bear line.

The Spirit Bear is the "official animal" of British Columbia. Spirit Bears are an endangered and protected sub-species. They are a wonder of Mother Nature. Unlike most bears (Grizzly Bears, Brown Bears, Polar Bears etc) Spirit Bears are not a species in themselves. They are a rare subspecies of the American Black Bear that are only found on Canada's West Coast. Approximately 10% of Black Bears born in this area carry a genetic trait that gives them White Fur.

Protecting the species is very difficult. You can't simply breed a male and female Spirit Bear and see Spirit Bear cubs. There's a 90% chance their cubs will be regular American Black Bears! Only 400 Spirit Bears remain in the world and part of the mission of Urban Distilleries is to help protect the Spirit Bear. That's why partial proceeds from every liquor store sale and the $5 from all tastings goes to fund the save a Spirit Bear.